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Political Theatre

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The Party & The Candidate

In these two entwined, fast-paced plays, the hilarious goings-on
behind the scenes of a controversial election chaotically unfold first at the
fundraiser that will decide the party’s nominee and then ...

The Jungle

Can Jack and
Veronyka ever get ahead? In this all-too-relatable love story in a city
suffocating under late-stage capitalism, a young couple is pitted against odd
after odd in a way that isn’t about ...


Julie, a young Jamaican Canadian screenwriter, is passionately working on an adaptation of one of the most beloved American novels of all time, To Kill a Mockingbird, telling the story from the perspective ...

Winter of 88

A new
apartment should be a warm and welcoming signal to a fresh chapter of life. It
shouldn’t be where a family waits in the dark, surrounded by unpacked boxes, as
missiles rain down around them.

Already ...


In February 1969, hundreds of students occupied a computer centre at what is now Montréal’s Concordia University to protest the mismanagement of a racism complaint lodged by Caribbean students against ...

Is My Microphone On?

In another life I was a small bubble of foam on a wave coming to shore, and the wave broke, and I burst, and that was it. Before that I was a small stream, for centuries. And in another life I was a mortal ...

Every Day She Rose

After the Black Lives Matter protest at the 2016 Toronto Pride Parade, two friends find their racial and queer politics aren’t as aligned as they thought, and the playwrights behind them must figure ...


It’s Wasp’s destiny to be impregnated by a swarm of hornets called the Angels on their twenty-first birthday, but they aren’t going down without a fight. Their plan? A bottle of Coke, an abandoned ...

Iphigenia and the Furies (On Taurian Land) & Antigone: 方

From the author of trace comes two adaptations that transport mythological stories from Ancient Greece to modern-day civilizations. Led by people of colour, these darkly comedic plays depict recognizable ...

The Empire

Explore a world on the edge of change through three epic stories spanning five hundred years of imagined history, unpacking systems of power and what we are capable of in the pursuit of freedom.

The story ...