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Mathieu Murphy-Perron

Murphy-Perron is an award-winning producer, playwright, and director. He is the
co-founding artistic director of Tableau D’Hôte Theatre. He served as
co-idéateur of all the company’s projects, alongside co-founder and former artistic
director Mike Payette, from 2005–2016, before moving forward with his singular
vision for the company after Payette’s departure. Playwrighting credits include
Journey to Exodus, Return to Sender, PrAgression, Blackout,
and En Pointe, an episodic bilingual series of 20+ short street plays staged
since the pandemic. His directorial aesthetic is heavily focused on heightened
movement, physical humour, ensemble work, and imagery of collectiveness,
resistance, and defiance.

Books By Mathieu Murphy-Perron