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Nick Hern Books (UK)


Nick Hern Books is a London-based independent specialist publisher of plays, theatre books, and screenplays. Their list includes work by many of the UK’s preeminent playwrights, as well as some of the most exciting emerging writers. They work with major theatres across the UK and in Ireland to publish new plays alongside their premieres. Nick Hern Books titles are available in Canada through Playwrights Canada Press.

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Samuel Takes a Break

It is 2019, the Year of Return, marking four hundred years since the first enslaved Africans arrived in America. We are at a slave castle in Ghana. Samuel is our tour guide. It's his job to give tourists ...

Curtain Up!

This comprehensive, hands-on guide to making theatre – perfect for any school, college, youth group or amateur-theatre company – gives you the knowledge you need to take your productions to the next ...

It's a Wonderful Life (stage version)

Adapted by Mary Elliott Nelson

Christmas Eve, 1946, Bedford Falls. Down-on-his-luck banker George Bailey feels life has passed him by, and he's at the end of his rope.

But when George's guardian angel pays him a visit, he's amazed to ...

The Drama Workshop Leader

This comprehensive, easy-to-use guide contains everything you need to plan and deliver effective drama sessions, get the best out of your participants, and develop an empowering leadership style that ...

Running the Room

Our most brilliant, fearless and creative women directors open the door on their craft, discussing their work in the theatre in intimate and illuminating detail.

Through a series of fascinating conversations ...

What Actors Do

In What Actors Do, revered theatre director Mike Alfreds explores the wellspring of the actor's craft, tracing a pathway to creative freedom through the thickets of competing methodologies and confusing ...

Metamorphosis (stage version)

By Franz Kafka
Adapted by Lemn Sissay
Casting: 3 m, 2 f

Gregor Samsa wakes up each morning, quietly leaves the house to take the same train, and works to pay off the family debt.

But that world explodes one morning, when Gregor awakes to find himself changed. ...

Drama Menu: Second Helpings

160 all-new games and exercises from the author of the bestselling companion for drama teachers and workshop leaders, offering more than one million unique and tasty combinations, ready to be put into ...

untitled f*ck m*ss s**gon play

Kim is having one of those days. A terrible, very bad, no-good kind of day, and the worst part is… it all feels so familiar. Caught up in a never-ending cycle of events, she looks for the exit but the ...


It's 1874, and Elizabeth Thompson stuns the artistic establishment with her painting The Roll Call. Five years later, she falls two votes short of becoming the first woman elected to the Royal Academy. ...