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Permission Request

All material published by Playwrights Canada Press is protected by copyright law. Written permission is required to reprint, reproduce, or stage any of our books.

Please click here to fill out a permission request form to:

  • photocopy a play
  • make a play available electronically
  • reprint a play (or part of a play) in a book
  • get information on where to apply for production rights

Please note that permission to photocopy from our books is available through Access Copyright in Canada and the Copyright Clearance Center in the US. We strongly encourage schools and universities to take advantage of the services offered by those organizations.

If you require an alternate format for one of our books please email Blake Sproule at

If your intended use isn't one of the options listed on the form please email our publisher, Annie Gibson, at with the specifics of your request. Remember to include the title and ISBN of the book you'd like to use.