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5 f, 5 m

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By Catherine Léger
Translated by Leanna Brodie
Subjects: Quebec Playwrights, Translations, Women Writers, History
Casting: 5 f, 5 m
Duration: 80 minutes

On the eve of World War II in a Parisian café, Anaïs Nin and June Miller meet again after years and an ocean apart. There, they share the space with some of Paris's notorious and eccentric artists who ...

House of Many Tongues

During the Six Day War, an Israeli general found an abandoned house and made it his home. Forty years later, the general, along with his imaginative and distant son Alex, live in peaceful solitude. When ...

Good Mother

The Driver family struggles to cope with an accident that robs them of a mother, leaving them to care for her as she fights to regain her memory. Touching and powerful, Good Mother examines the ties that ...