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For Theatre Companies

Merch Sales

Is your theatre company producing a play that we’ve published? Selling a book can be as simple as selling a bag of chips! We offer no-risk opportunities for your company to make a profit selling books. We would give you a discount of 40% off the list price of the quantity of books sold. Any unsold copies can be returned without a fee. For more information, contact Nadia Ozzorluoglu at

Marketing Partnerships

Playwrights Canada Press is interested in pursuing marketing partnerships with theatres that are producing our plays, such as through advertisements and giveaways. For more information, contact Nadia Ozzorluoglu at

Performance Rights

Playwrights Canada Press does not handle production rights on behalf of our playwrights but we're happy to forward along any requests to the right place.

If you have a copy of the book you can check the copyright page for the agent's name and contact information. If the copyright page asks you to contact us please send an email to or fill out a permission request for more information. We’ll follow up with the agent’s contact information or forward your request directly over to the playwright.