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The Party & The Candidate

The Party & The Candidate

By Kat Sandler
Subjects: Comedy, Ontario Playwrights, Political Theatre, Women Writers
Casting: 5 f, 5 m
Imprint: Playwrights Canada Press
Paperback : 9780369104434, 288 pages, May 2023
Expected to ship: 2023-05-16


In these two entwined, fast-paced plays, the hilarious goings-on
behind the scenes of a controversial election chaotically unfold first at the
fundraiser that will decide the party’s nominee and then months later at a
debate the night before the election.

The top candidates for the Left are Bill Biszy, a gay Black
man who’s also the star of the Sharkman film franchise, and Heather
Straughan, the tough woman who’s still hampered with the public knowledge that her
husband cheated on her many years ago. Both are the guests of honour at Butch
Buchanan’s fundraiser—whomever he decides to donate to will get the party’s
nomination, and will run against his brother, the leader of the Right. But so
many things stand in Bill and Heather’s way before the night ends. Many months
later, when the final debate ends in the need for extreme damage control, it’s
clearly the worst time for everyone’s secrets to be revealed, but what fun
would it be without some election-day drama?

With a large cast of frenzied characters and piercing dialogue,
The Party & The Candidate will make sure you never look at politics
the same way again.


“As ambitious and complex a theatrical endeavour as you
could imagine . . . This is an ingenious, audacious, fun and
delightful concept.”

- Marsha Lederman, The Globe and Mail

“The media and celebrity culture and politics, in the sack together in an ungodly three-way, political correctness platitudes and their vicious old-school reverse, earnest idealists and pop culture trash-talkers . . . they all get teased or defrocked or compromised in the course of The Party and The Candidate.”

- Liz Nicholls,