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Peace Country

Peace Country

Expected to ship: 2024-10-08


A new political party has swept into office, promising big changes to curb the impending climate crisis—changes that could put the nail in the coffin for a tiny carbon-economy town in the heart of Northern BC. When an elected representative who grew up in the town arrives to appease the residents, her urban idealism clashes with the hard-hitting realities faced by her family and childhood friends. How will pulling the plug on fossil-fuel dependency play out for this resilient northern community? And does it even matter when a forest fire is encroaching on the town’s borders?

Inspired by playwright Pedro Chamale's own experiences growing up in Chetwynd, BC, Peace Country is a poignant plea for dialogue in a time marked by profound division. Teetering between progress and preservation, this very human drama invites readers to contemplate the fate of communities standing on the precipice of ruin.


“Chillingly and prophetically, the events of the play mirror current news stories in the area, emphasizing the importance of this story and the urgency, emotion, nuance and empathy it elicits.”

- Abigail Bryant, Vancouver Presents

“Chamale's storytelling prowess ensures that the inherently political becomes personal. Offering a heartfelt but nonetheless sobering view on the realities of climate change, Peace Country isn't just timely—it is original storytelling that underscores the urgent need for collective action.”

- Angie Rico, Stir

“Think American Graffiti with really big trees.”

- Jerry Wasserman, Vancouver Sun