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Judith Thompson

Judith Thompson

Edited by Ric Knowles
Series edited by Ric Knowles
Subjects: Biography, Women Writers, Non-Fiction / Essays
Series: Critical Perspectives on Canadian Theatre in English
Imprint: Playwrights Canada Press
Paperback : 9780887547966, 180 pages, May 2005

Table of contents

"Cause You're the Only One I Want:" The Anatomy of Love in the Plays of Judith Thompson by George Toles (1988)

Spatial Metaphor in the Plays of Judith Thompson by Robert C. Nunn (1989)

The Implicated Audience: Judith Thompson's Anti-Naturalism in The Crackwalker, White Biting Dog, I Am Yours, and Lion in the Streets by Julie Adam (1992)

Constructing Fictions of an Essential Reality, or "This Pickshur is Niiiice": Judith Thompson's Lion in the Streets by Jen Harvie (1992)

Going North on Judith Thompson's Sled by Sherrill Grace (1998)

from "Judith Thompson: Social Psychomachia" in The Buried Astrolabe: Canadian Dramatic Imagination and Western Tradition by Craig Stewart Walker (2001)

Judith Thompson's Ghosts: The Revenants That Haunt the Plays by Claudia Barnett (2003)

Monstrous History: Judith Thompson's Sled by Penny Farfan (2004)

Staging the Post-Colonial Monster in Judith Thompson's Capture Me by Dalbir Singh (2004)

Who is the Stranger?: The Role of the Monstrous in Judith Thompson's Capture Me by Robyn Read (2005)

Environmental Affinities: Naturalism and the Porous Body by Laura Levin (2005)

Building an Ethical Architecture: Judith Thompson's Habitat and the Shape of Radical Humanism by Kim Solga (2005)


Volume 3 in the series Critical Perspectives on Canadian Theatre in English.

"This book publishes what I take to be a representative sampling—by no means complete—of critical writings about [Judith Thompson's] plays, covering what might be regarded as the dominant critical tradition on her work, together with some new and exciting initiatives by younger scholars that respond to new (and exciting) directions in Thompson's own work. " —from the Introduction