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George F. Walker

George F. Walker

Edited by Harry Lane
Subjects: Biography, Non-Fiction / Essays
Series: Critical Perspectives on Canadian Theatre in English
Imprint: Playwrights Canada Press
Paperback : 9780887548000, 232 pages, May 2006

Table of contents

Introduction to Three Plays by George F. Walker by Ken Gass (1978)

George F. Walker: B-Movies Beyond the Absurd by Chris Johnson (1980)

from "George F. Walker" in The Work: Conversations with English-Canadian Playwrights by Robert Wallace (1982)

Making Things Clear: the Film Noir Plays of George F. Walker by Jerry Wasserman (1982)

George F. Walker: Liberal Idealism and the "Power Plays" by Denis W. Johnston (1984)

Looking for the Light: A Conversation with George F. Walker by Robert Wallace (1988)

Walker's Women in the East End Plays: Love and Anger by Mary Pat Mombourquette (1990)

Slashing the Pleasantly Vague: George F. Walker and the Word by Stephen Haff (1992)

Out With the Queers: Moral Triage and George F. Walker's Theatre of the Film Noir by Ed Nyman (1996)

The Role Power Plays in George F. Walker's Detective Trilogy by D. A. Hadfield (1997)

A Conversation with George Walker by Carole Corbeil (1998)

from The Theatre of Form and the Production of Meaning: Contemporary Canadian Dramaturgies by Ric Knowles (1999)

Escaping the "Savage Slot": Interpellation and Transgression in George F. Walker's Suburban Motel by Reid Gilbert (2001)

from "George F. Walker: Postmodern City Comedy" in The Buried Astrolabe: Canadian Dramatic Imagination and Western Tradition by Craig Stewart Walker (2001)

"Some Kind of Transition Place Between Heaven and Hell": George Walker's Aesthetics of Hybridity in Heaven by Marc Maufort (2003)

Equal Before and Under the Law: Rethinking the Marginality in This is Wonderland by Amanda McCoy (2005)


Critical Perspectives on Canadian Theatre in English sets out to make the best critical and scholarly work in the field readily available. The series publishes the work of scholars and critics who have traced the coming-into-prominence of a vibrant theatrical community in English Canada.