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Canadian Performance Histories and Historiograpies

Canadian Performance Histories and Historiograpies

Edited by Heather Davis-Fisch
Series edited by Roberta Barker
Subjects: Non-Fiction / Essays, History
Series: New Essays on Canadian Theatre
Imprint: Playwrights Canada Press
Paperback : 9781770917750, 400 pages, June 2017

Table of contents

Double Lives and Disappearing Acts: Canadian Performance Histories by Heather Davis-?Fisch

Part 1: (Re)Integrations

Beyond Shame and Blame in Pauline Johnson’s Performance Histories by Alexandra Kovacs

Chiac and the Linguistic Detour of Acadian Theatre History by Nicole Nolette

Untold Histories of Canadian Theatre in Higher Education by Glen Nichols

BC Aboriginal Theatre History in the Making: Talking with Margo Kane about the History of Full Circle and The Talking Stick by Michelle La Flamme

Part 2: Returns and Re-examinations

Affect and the Unproduced: 420016 Sgt. Atkinson W. S. and Glory Hole: A Play of the Great War of 1914–18 by Alan Filewod

Beyond Primary Sources: Using Dance Documentation to Examine Attitudes Toward Diversity in the Massey Commission (1949–1951) by Allana C. Lindgren

Un/Disciplined Re/Collections: Toward an Archaeology of Nonprofessionalizing Theatre Practices by Robin C. Whittaker

Invisibility and Early New Play Dramaturgy: Bill Glassco’s Development of David Freeman’s Creeps by Jessica Riley

Part 3: Rethinkings

Interventions Into the Maw of Old World Hunger: Frog Monsters, Kinstellatory Maps, and Radical Relationalities in a Project of Reworlding by Jill Carter, Karyn Recollet, and Dylan Robinson

Theatre in the New World: Troubles in Modernity by Yves Jubinville

“Shield Us From This Base Ridicule”: The Petitions to Censor Blackface Circus Clowns, Toronto, 1840–43 by Stephen Johnson

Three Sentences: A Child Actress in Halifax, 1833 by Marlis Schweitzer

“The Death of Performance Art!” Performing Performance Art Documentation by T. Nikki Cesare Schotzko


Challenging the idea of a singular narrative of Canadian theatre history and centring on questions of historiography and methodology, the essays in this collection investigate performances that have been excluded from mainstream theatre histories and re-evaluate well-known theatre movements to explore cultural memory. This collection asks, how do we remember performances of the past and why do some stories survive while others have been largely forgotten? Contributors draw on recent critical developments in performance studies, historiography, Indigenous studies, and hemispheric studies to explore topics ranging from the affective labour performed in life writing by World War I veterans, to a reconsideration of the role of dramaturgs in the alternative theatre movement, to a microhistory of petitions protesting minstrel performers appearing in Toronto, to a timely consideration of digital technologies in performance art documentation.

Contributors include:

Jill Carter
T. Nikki Cesare Schotzko
Heather Davis-Fisch
Alan Filewod
Stephen Johnson
Yves Jubinville
Alexandra Kovacs
Michelle La Flamme
Allana C. Lindgren
Glen Nichols
Nicole Nolette
Karyn Recollet
Jessica Riley
Dylan Robinson
Marlis Schweitzer
Robin C. Whittaker