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Coming in spring 2023

By Playwrights Canada Press Date: December 08, 2022 Tags: News

We are thrilled to share what's coming next spring! Check out our newest announcements below, which are all available for pre-order.


Adapted by Hiro Kanagawa, illustrated by Cindy Mochizuki, from the memoir by Mark Sakamoto
Mitsue Sakamoto and Ralph MacLean both suffered tremendous loss during WWII: Mitsue as a survivor of a Japanese Canadian internment camp, and Ralph as a prisoner in a Japanese POW camp. In order to rebuild their lives and their families after the war, Ralph and Mitsue must find the grace and generosity necessary to forgive those who have wronged them.


By Tamara Brown, Kym Dominique-Ferguson, Lydie Dubuisson, and Mathieu Murphy-Perron
In February 1969, hundreds of students occupied a computer centre at what is now Montréal’s Concordia University to protest the mismanagement of a racism complaint lodged by Caribbean students against their biology professor. When an agreement to end the occupation fell through, riot police were called in, resulting in widespread damage, a mysterious fire, and nearly a hundred arrests.

Winter of 88

By Mohammad Yaghoubi, translated by Nazanin Malekan & Mohammad Yaghoubi
This heart-wrenching meta-autobiographical play, presented in both English and Farsi, is a window into days when death was practically a neighbour in war-torn Tehran. It’s a dedication to those who are left behind with the trauma of war and survivors’ guilt.

Fall On Your Knees

Adapted by Hannah Moscovitch with Alisa Palmer, from the book by Ann-Marie MacDonald
In an adaptation of the classic Canadian novel, this epic play follows three generations of a Cape Breton Island family in a tale of forbidden love, inescapable bonds, and devastating betrayals, all while harbouring secrets that threaten to shatter the family entirely.


By Mishka Lavigne, translated by Neil Blackadder
When a sudden sinkhole in front of Elsie’s apartment building swallows a car that happens to contain a copy of her mother’s novel, Elsie crosses paths with Matt, and the two are quickly drawn to each other’s search for fulfillment. A beautiful portrait of how certain life events can be incredibly isolating, and what happens when people come into our lives when we need them most.

Body So Fluorescent

By Amanda Cordner & David Di Giovanni
What happened last night on the dance floor? Gary knows he went to the club with his friend Desiree, but now all he has is a fuzzy memory and a text saying, “We’re done.” An electrifying exploration that asks difficult questions about Blackness, otherness, and appropriation.


By Audrey Dwyer
A witty and highly charged look at the complicated entanglements of intersectionality and allyship, exposing motives and biases that are clear as a bell one moment, and drowning in ambiguity the next.

Burning Mom

By Mieko Ouchi
After nearly a year of mourning her husband’s death, sixtysomething Dorothy needs to feel alive. So she pitches a road-trip idea to her family—attending Burning Man, the massive arts festival known for its carefree nature that draws half a million people, and she wants to drive there in an RV.

among men

By David Yee
1959, Ameliasburgh, Prince Edward County, Canada. On the edge of spring, two men are finishing an A-frame cabin on Roblin Lake. In the coming decade all three of them—Al, Milt, and the A-frame—will become famous and change the face of Canadian poetry.

The Jungle

By Anthony MacMahon & Thomas McKechnie
Can Jack and Veronyka ever get ahead? In this all-too-relatable love story in a city suffocating under late-stage capitalism, a young couple is pitted against odd after odd in a way that isn’t about testing one’s character anymore—it’s simply reality.

The Party & The Candidate

By Kat Sandler
In these two entwined, fast-paced plays, the hilarious goings-on behind the scenes of a controversial election chaotically unfold first at the fundraiser that will decide the party’s nominee and then months later at a debate the night before the election.

From the Ashes

Edited by Shauntay Grant
From the Ashes collects solo plays by Black Canadian women and womxn that together celebrate the hope, humour, and healing that can come after devastation and loss. From lighthearted comedies to heavy dramas, this anthology contains a multitude of stories on Blackness, love, motherhood, sexuality, trauma, racism, mythology, and more.

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