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Mitsue Sakamoto
and Ralph MacLean have both suffered tremendous loss during WWII: Mitsue as a
victim of Japanese internment, and Ralph as a prisoner in a Japanese POW camp.
In order to rebuild their lives and their families after the war, Ralph and
Mitsue must find the grace and generosity necessary to forgive those who have
wronged them. Their paths eventually cross in 1968 when Mitsue’s son and
Ralph’s daughter begin dating, and Ralph is invited to Mitsue’s home for dinner.

This soaring
adaptation of Mark Sakamoto’s award-winning memoir affirms the power of
forgiveness and shows us that in our challenging times characterized by
political divisiveness, xenophobia, and race hatred, the story of Mitsue and
Ralph’s personal triumphs over hatred, injustice, violence, and bigotry remains
vitally relevant and urgently necessary.


“Hiro has truly brought Forgiveness to life with a wondrous
grace. This promises to be theatre that will stay with you for a very long

- Mark Sakamoto, author of Forgiveness: A Gift From My Grandparents