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Burning Mom

Burning Mom

Expected to ship: 2023-04-25


After nearly a year of mourning her husband’s death, sixtysomething Dorothy needs to feel alive. So she pitches a road-trip idea to her family—attending Burning Man, the massive arts festival known for its carefree nature that draws half a million people, and she wants to drive there in the RV she had purchased with her husband before he died. After she learns how to drive the RV and her family gets over their shock, Dorothy’s son and his friend join her for her journey, sleeping in parking lots along the way, visiting a sex shop for costumes, and showing her around the massive, dusty grounds in Nevada. But once Dorothy starts to explore alone, whether its finding hilarious chaos in the middle of a naked bike ride parade or experiencing sweet solace and acceptance through art, she learns that she can do more in life than she ever imagined.

This comical play, which is based on author Mieko Ouchi’s mother’s own experiences, shows that the search for courage and independence can be lighthearted even when rooted in grief.