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Body So Fluorescent

Body So Fluorescent

Expected to ship: 2023-03-28


What happened last night on the dance floor? Gary knows he
went to the club with his friend Desiree, but now all he has is a fuzzy memory
and a text saying, “We’re done.” Desiree has known something’s been up with
Gary, but she always kept her thoughts to herself. Until last night ended in an
explosive fight. As Gary and Desiree retrace their steps to figure out the
chain of events, perspectives shift from self to alter-ego to untangle the
facts. And after the dust settles, can their friendship be rebuilt? Body So
Fluorescent is an electrifying exploration that asks difficult questions
about Blackness, otherness, and appropriation.


“The script holds nothing back—though the characters seem to wish it would.”

- Mae Smith,

Body So Fluorescent is poetic, heartbreaking,
and insightful.”

- Andrea Warner, Georgia Straight

Body So Fluorescent is brilliant. The show is ferocious and moving.”

- Bruce McCulloch, Kids in the Hall