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A small asteroid has hit the capital city. Thousands have been displaced. And in a town far away, a young man called Vin is finding it hard to talk. The only person who seems to notice is Rach, who resolves ...

Eastward Ho!

The Nick Hern Books RSC Classics - a series of rarely performed plays from the 16th and 17th centuries, published alongside their resurrection by the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon ...

Restoration Comedy

With the Restoration of the monarchy in 1660, the republican ban on organised theatre was lifted – and plays exploded back onto the public stage with newfound relish. The arrival of actresses for the ...

The Winter's Tale

This edition accurately reproduces the text of the Shakespeare First Folio (1623), but in modern type. At a stroke the dust of ages is blown away and what Shakespeare actually intended is revealed to ...

John Gabriel Borkman

By Henrik Ibsen
Translated by Stephen Mulrine

A sparkling translation of Ibsen's penultimate play.

On the family estate outside Oslo at the turn of the 19th century, a man paces the floor in an upstairs room. This is John Gabriel Borkman, once a famous ...

Gone to Earth

By Mary Webb
Adapted by Helen Edmundson

A vivid, emotional stage version of Mary Webb's novel of rural passion, premiered by Shared Experience Theatre Company.

Incorporating traditional dances and folk songs, Gone to Earth tells the story ...

The Assassination of Katie Hopkins

By (composer) Chris Bush
Text by Matt Winkworth

A shocking crime divides the nation. Fingers are pointed, sides are drawn, facts are hard to come by. Why did this happen? How do we move on? What must we remember?

It’s easy to have an opinion online, ...

Rathmines Road

Will truth out?

Set over one evening, Rathmines Road by Deirdre Kinahan is a play that rages in a tiny room. Fraught, funny and ferocious, it testifies to the pain of carrying the memory of sexual assault ...