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Sequence (Second Edition)

Sequence (Second Edition)

By Arun Lakra
Subjects: South Asian Canadian Playwrights, Science & Scientists, Award Winners, Community Theatre Picks, Western Playwrights, Alberta
Duration: 80 minutes
Imprint: Playwrights Canada Press
Paperback : 9780369100726, 112 pages, March 2020
Expected to ship: 2020-03-17


  • Winner, Calgary Theatre Critics Award for Best New Script 2013
  • Winner, Gwen Pharis Ringwood Award for Drama 2014
  • Winner, Grand Prize in Alberta Playwriting Competition 2011


“Luck is like irony. Not everybody who thinks they got it, got it. ”

Theo has been named Time Magazine’s Luckiest Man Alive. For twenty consecutive years he has successfully bet double or nothing on the Super Bowl coin toss. And he’s getting ready to risk millions on the twenty-
first when he is confronted by Cynthia, a young woman who claims to have figured out his mathematical secret.  

Stem-cell researcher and professor Dr. Guzman is on the verge of a groundbreaking discovery. She’s also learned that one of her students has defied probability to get all 150 multiple-choice questions wrong on his genetics exam, but it’s not until he shows up to her office in the middle of the night that she’s able to determine if it’s simply bad luck.  

The two narratives intertwine like a fragment of DNA to examine the interplay between logic and metaphysics, science and faith, luck and probability. Belief systems clash, ideas mutate, and order springs from chaos. With razor-sharp wit and playful language, Sequence asks, in our lives, in our universe, and even in our stories, does order matter?


“Sequence is a smart, funny, fast-paced play on the nature of luck and love that will leave both your head and your heart spinning. ”

- Vern Thiessen, award-winning author of Vimy

“An intellectual Rubik cube that challenges us to consider some of our most profound questions in a search for some kind of alignment. ”

- Colin MacLean, Edmonton Sun

“So often the answer to a play or story is predictable, hidden obvious in the text as the tale unfolds. Here, as the stories twist and twirl, as parallels emerge and cross each other, the solution seems — reachable, even evident, and yet unknowable. [Sequence] climaxes in a moment that bursts the heart, conjures infinity. It answers its questions in a way that is loud and immediate, satisfying and yet unexpected.  "

- Cathy Dede, Glens Falls Chronicle