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The Party & The Candidate

In these two entwined, fast-paced plays, the hilarious goings-on
behind the scenes of a controversial election chaotically unfold first at the
fundraiser that will decide the party’s nominee and then ...

The Jungle

Can Jack and
Veronyka ever get ahead? In this all-too-relatable love story in a city
suffocating under late-stage capitalism, a young couple is pitted against odd
after odd in a way that isn’t about ...

Holy Ground

Edited by Michael Dinwiddie
Preface by Jackie Alexander
Afterword by Maya Angelou

This new collection brings together plays and monologues from the National Black Theatre Festival, one of the most historic and culturally significant events--not only in the history of Black theater ...

among men

1959, Ameliasburgh, Prince Edward County, Canada. On the edge of spring, two men are finishing an A-frame cabin on Roblin Lake. In the coming decade all three of them—Al, Milt, and the A-frame—will ...

From the Ashes

From the Ashes collects solo plays by Black Canadian women and womxn that together celebrate the hope, humour, and healing that can come after devastation and loss. From lighthearted comedies to heavy ...

The Humans

Breaking with tradition, Erik Blake has brought his Pennsylvania family to celebrate Thanksgiving at his daughter’s apartment in lower Manhattan. Unfolding over a single scene, this “delirious tragicomedy” ...

Body So Fluorescent

What happened last night on the dance floor? Gary knows he went to the club with his friend Desiree, but now all he has is a fuzzy memory and a text saying, “We’re done.” Desiree has known something’s ...

Burning Mom

After nearly a year of mourning her husband’s death, sixtysomething Dorothy needs to feel alive. So she pitches a road-trip idea to her family—attending Burning Man, the massive arts festival known ...


Strangers Elsie and Matt are both feeling great voids in their lives. Elsie, a literature professor, is grieving her famous novelist mother’s tragic death. Matt, a city engineer, is trying to regain ...