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Monique Mojica

Monique Mojica’s (Guna and Rappahannock) theatrical practice is centred in land-based embodied research and the development of culturally specific Indigenous dramaturgies. Her first play, Princess Pocahontas and the Blue Spots, was produced in 1990 and is taught in curricula internationally. She founded Chocolate Woman Collective in 2006 to create the play Chocolate Woman Dreams the Milky Way. She is the co-editor, with Ric Knowles, of Staging Coyote’s Dream vols. I and II. Newly released is Chocolate Woman Dreams the Milky Way: Mapping Embodied Indigenous Performance, written with Brenda Farnell. Most recent performances include Izzie M.: The Alchemy of Enfreakment written by Monique with a diverse creative team, My Sister’s Rage for Tarragon Theatre and The Unnatural and Accidental Women at the National Arts Centre. Monique has collaborated with Santee Smith since 2013 as the dramaturge for Kaha:wi Dance Theatre’s tryptic Re-Quickening / Blood Tides / SKe:NEN, Teneil Whiskeyjack’s Ayita for Edmonton’s SkirtsAfire Festival ,and Audrey Dwyer’s Come Home: The Legend of Daddy Hall for Tarragon Theatre. She is a member of the newly formed Indigenous Dramaturgy Circle at Tarragon Theatre and was the inaugural Wurlitzer Visiting Professor at the University of Victoria’s Theatre Department in 2023.

Books By Monique Mojica