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Theatre of War

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Palace of the End

A searing triptych of three monologues all exposing the ugly truth behind the headlines of the Iraq War.

Based around the lives of three distinct characters—a young soldier imprisoned for her misconduct ...

Storm Warning

By Norm Foster
Subjects: Atlantic Playwrights, New Brunswick, Romance, Theatre of War
Casting: 1 f, 1 m
Duration: 120 hours

Set in cottage country in 1953, Jack Forrester, a damaged World War II vet, has retreated from life. Then one weekend he meets Emma Currie, an amphetamine-popping chart writer for a big band. Both lives ...

Reading Hebron

A Toronto Jew named Nathan Abramowitz investigates the Hebron Massacre—in which a Jewish settler murdered 29 Muslims at prayer—as a way of questioning his own responsibility for the oppression of ...