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A Nanking Winter

A Nanking Winter

By Marjorie Chan
Subjects: Ontario Playwrights, Women Writers, Asian Canadian Playwrights, History, Theatre of War
Casting: 3 f, 2 m+
Imprint: Playwrights Canada Press
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781770912250, 104 pages, February 2009


Marjorie Chan's gripping narrative intertwines the past and the present, transporting the reader between Irene and a small group of unlikely heroes caught in the invasion. Scrambling to create a refuge from the horror, the band's struggle to survive binds them in a promise that will span the ages of time, while Irene struggles to reveal the truth despite her publisher's conservative worries. a nanking winter brings the horror and endurance of a nation's history into stark focus with breathtaking clarity and brutal honesty.