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Canadian Shakespeare

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I Am For You

Fighting words . . .Lainie and Mariam have it out for each other, so it’s no surprise when they finally come to violent blows in the middle of their high school’s drama room. That’s when Caddell ...

Canadian Shakespeare

Critical Perspectives on Canadian Theatre in English sets out to make the best critical and scholarly work in the field readily available. The series publishes the work of scholars and critics who have ...

A Certain William

Lyrical, farcical, or playful, deeply ironic or deeply tragic, these plays engage Shakespeare with anger and with love in their quest for nationhood, human dignity, social justice, and artistic agency.Includes: ...

The Shakespeare's Mine

Edited by Ric Knowles
Introduction by Ric Knowles
Subjects: Anthologies, Shakespeare, Canadian Shakespeare

Claiming the right to the language of Shakespeare and the power that it represents in our culture, this collection of Anglophone Canadian adaptations manages to talk back to that authority in some surprising ...