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A Certain William - Adapting Shakespeare in Francophone Canada

A Certain William

Adapting Shakespeare in Francophone Canada

Edited by Leanore Lieblein
Subjects: Shakespeare, Canadian Shakespeare, Anthologies, Adaptations
Imprint: Playwrights Canada Press
Paperback : 9780887547317, 360 pages, May 2009

Table of contents

Hamlet, Prince of Québec by Robert Gurik, translated by Leanore Lieblein

Lear by Jean-Pierre Ronfard, translated by Linda Gaboriau

Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice in Auschwitz by Tibor Egervari, translated by Annick Léger

Saved from the Waters, written and translated by Daphné Thompson

The Maleceet Hamlet by Yves-Sioui Durand & J.F. Messier, translated by Henry Gauthier

Burger Love by Larry Tremblay, translated by Keith Turnbull


A collection of plays in English translation by some of Francophone Canada's most distinguished playwrights, chronicling their fraught and changing relationship with Shakespeare, these plays emerge from a context in which language is tied to both personal and political identity. Lyrical, farcical, or playful, deeply ironic or deeply tragic, these plays engage Shakespeare with anger and with love in their quest for nationhood, human dignity, social justice, and artistic agency.