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I, Claudia

I, Claudia


Claudia is an official pre-teen. Her father is getting remarried, she has a science fair project coming due, and she is in the physical and emotional throes of puberty. Finding refuge in the basement of her school, Claudia discovers the pain at the centre of her brimming child's heart. Some important adults in Claudia's life—her grandfather, her father's new girlfriend, and the school custodian—shed light on her situation.


"Kristen Thomson's portrait of a wonderfully winsome young woman trembling on the cusp of adolescence is one of the freshest things to hit the stage in many a season. .. I, Claudia is blissfully funny and unexpectedly touching. .. Kristen Thomson is the real theatrical thing. .. she can rock her audience—she certianly rocked me—on a regular basis with lines and moments that are hilariously funny, totally unexpected and unimpeachably true. "

- Robert Cushman National Post

"I, Claudia is blissfully funny and unexpectedly touching. "

- Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star