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Tales of the Lost Formicans and Other Plays

Tales of the Lost Formicans and Other Plays

By Constance Congdon
Imprint: Theatre Communications Group
Paperback : 9781559360845, 314 pages, June 1994


Four plays from one of America's finest playwrights.

Immensely inventive and challenging, Constance Congdon's plays are endowed with compassion, keen insight and an unfailing comic sensibility. This edition contains an introduction by Tony Kushner.

Throughout the plays in her first collection, Congdon demonstrates a range rare in writers in any age, from a sombre meditation on life in the postnuclear age (No Mercy, 3f 6m) to madcap social satire (Losing Father's Body, 7f 6m) from an epic historical exploration of love and sexual identity (Casanova, 7f 6m doubling) to her most popular play to date (Tale of the Lost Formicans, 3f 4m).


'A travel guide to Middle America conducted by aliens from outer space'

- Time Magazine on 'Tale of the Lost Formicans'