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Pride's Crossing

Pride's Crossing

By Tina Howe
Imprint: Theatre Communications Group
Paperback : 9781559361538, 112 pages, April 1998


In Pride's Crossing, Tina Howe has created a remarkable heroine for the nineties: Mabel Tidings Bigelow, who at the age of 26 set the world record for swimming the English Channel. We first meet her at the age of 90 as she looks back on her life during much of the twentieth century. Structured like memory, the play's scenes criss-cross between her youth growing up in Pride's Crossing and the events in between which shaped her life.


"Most plays you watch, but every so often there comes along one you experience. Tina Howe's delightful and moving Pride's Crossing is definitely one you experience and savour... a play I think you will remember forever."

- New York Post