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Coastal Disturbances - Four Plays

Coastal Disturbances

Four Plays

By Tina Howe
Imprint: Theatre Communications Group
Paperback : 9780930452865, 240 pages, January 1993


Tina Howe once said that her aim is "to present a lovely exterior, then seduce the audience into the dark and mysterious places inside." Her four major plays to date are noted for their unusual and elegant settings: an art museum, a French restaurant, a Beacon Hill townhouse, a New England beach. These worlds overflow with hilarious, outlandish, vivid life -- wittily imagined, eloquently rendered, fearlessly explored. Their inhabitants are absurd, anguished, gallant. A delight to experience in the theatre, the tragicomedies of this acclaimed American artist are just as engaging to read.

Includes: Coastal Disturbances, Painting Churches. The Art of Dining and Museum.