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By Luigi Pirandello
Adapted by Nicholas Wright
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781854593399, 64 pages, February 1998


Pirandello's ingenious detective story about a young woman who is hounded by the press after the death of a child in her care.


"An emotional striptease of guilt, hysteria and despair... this play seems to have been torn from recent newspaper headlines... like an ingenious detective story in which emotion is every bit as important as evidence."

- Daily Telegraph

"All the familiar Pirandello themes are here: the antithesis of art and life, illusion and reality, mask and face... Nicholas Wright's new version of the play adds to the pleasure of a teasingly mysterious evening."

- Guardian

"A masterly play, frequently touched by profound wit... in a handsome new version by Nicholas Wright."

- Financial Times