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This Is the Story of the Child Ruled by Fear

This Is the Story of the Child Ruled by Fear

Expected to ship: 2024-11-12


David has written a play for himself and a gathering of friends and
strangers to read together out loud. It tells the story of the rise and fall of
an imaginary civilization in an imaginary land. Some of it is fact, some
fiction. But at any point you may be part of a Greek chorus, playing a main
character, or collectively confronting your fears about a world on the verge of
collapse. Are you ready to take a leap of faith? It’s okay if you feel nervous.
David is nervous too. With so much to be fearful of these days, it’s best to
brave this thing together.

An ingenious exercise in interactive storytelling, This Is the Story of the Child Ruled by Fear
is a poetic and participatory fable about how to live with the slowly unfolding
emergencies of our time. Playwright David Gagnon Walker guides us through an
enchanting performance ritual that provides a communal, cathartic release for
those prone to anxiety, fear, and depression. It’s an invitation to share the
joys of creating a story together so that maybe we can all feel less alone.


“I can’t think of another work of art, let alone theatre, that makes
it so easy to collectively consider the terrifying aspects of our changing
world and warming planet without shame and panic as an underscore, and where
instead of being a chore or embarrassment, audience participation truly makes
you feel less alone.”

- Zoe Glassman

“We all have fears and sometimes we can be brave and sometimes we
can’t. The play evades a simple answer. Nevertheless, the true outcome is that
in the end, we have all partaken in a collective journey to create something
that we don’t know how it goes, and we journey together with generosity for the
risk of participating. The result is a kind of vulnerable rough beauty."

- Dr. Jenn Stephenson, PLAY: The Blog

“Such a brilliant idea. The piece is intimate and
deeply personal. It’s also driven by big, deep questions about human purpose
and the much larger, mythic forces at work in all of our lives.”

- Marcus Youssef

“I left the theatre, and a discussable and pleasurable evening, with a
renewed appreciation that theatre, the art form of real people together in the
same room sharing an experience, is on the right track.”

- Liz Nicholls,