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The Southbury Child

The Southbury Child

By Stephen Beresford
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781848429741, 112 pages, June 2022


Raffish, urbane and frequently drunk, David Highland has kept a grip on his remote coastal parish through a combination of disordered charm and high-handed determination.

When his faith impels him to take a hard line with a bereaved parishioner, he finds himself dangerously isolated from public opinion. As his own family begins to fracture, David must face a future that threatens to extinguish not only his position in the town, but everything he stands for.

Stephen Beresford's play The Southbury Child is a darkly comic drama exploring family and community, the savage divisions of contemporary society, and the rituals that punctuate our lives.


"A rare and heartfelt portrait of post-Christian Britain."

- The Times

"Electrifying, bristling with wit and ideas... Can almost be considered as a companion piece to Jez Butterworth's Jerusalem, exploring some of the same themes in a similar setting, a clash of local cultures embedded within a fracturing national culture."

- Broadway World

"Hugely cathartic, this is the play of the year so far... blissfully funny and ineffably touching... a heaven-sent new play."

- Telegraph