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Theatre and (Im)migration

Theatre and (Im)migration

Edited by Yana Meerzon
Subjects: (Im)migration, Non-Fiction / Essays
Series: New Essays on Canadian Theatre
Imprint: Playwrights Canada Press
Paperback : 9780369100016, 576 pages, June 2019

Table of contents

Theatre and (Im)migration: The Canadian Theatre of Shimmering Maps by Yana Meerzon

Theoretical Primer

Playing on Indigenous Land: Settlers, Immigrants, and Theatre in Fictive Canada by Alan Filewod

Part One. Canadian Immigration and Theatre History Paradigms

Immigration Hall and Last Stands in Northwest Performance (ca. 1885–?1905) by Ian McWilliams

“A New Ireland in the Northwest”: Shades of Irish/Canadian Nation, Immigration, and Theatre-?Building on the Canadian Prairies by Moira Day

Toronto Theatre, American Migration, and the Vietnam War by David DeGrow

Montréal Yiddish Theatre as Youth Cultural Imperative by Rebecca Margolis

Performing Homeland and Multicultural Imaginaries in Toronto’s Caravan Festival by Jacqueline Taucar

Teesri Duniya Theatre: Resisting Inequities and Ethnocentric Nationalism Through Politically Engaged Theatre by Sheetal Lodhia, Rahul Varma, and Jaswant Guzder

Staging the Ordinary / Constructing History in Olivier Kemeid’s Theatre of Memory, History, and Forgetting by Yana Meerzon

Part Two. Canadian Immigration and the Paradigms of Performance

Harvesting the Body: Devising Across Difference at MT Space by Ric Knowles

Moments of Encounter: Iranian-?Canadian Immigrant and Diasporic Theatre by Art Babayants and Marjan Moosavi

Asian Canadian Immigrant Drama: Tactical Interventions in acquiesce and Kim’s Convenience by Eleanor Ty

From O Nosso Baile (Our Dance) to O Nosso Fado (Our Song): Portuguese-?Canadian Sex-?Role Stereotypes and Theatre by Aida Jordão

“No me inventes [don’t invent me]”: Performing the Latinx Immigrant Story in Canada by Martha Herrera-?Lasso González

Québec Theatre and its Languages in Three Snapshots, Loosely Framed by Nicole Nolette

Virtual Migration: New Canadian Digital Performance Experiences by Peter Kuling

Part Three. Canadian Immigration in the First Person Singular and Plural

Building Intercultural Bridges: An Interview with Puente Theatre Founder Lina de Guevara by Monica Prendergast with Lina de Guevara

Displaced—?Three Cultures, Three Time Periods, Three Reasons to Flee: Recounting the Devised Creative Process by Natasha Martina Koechl

Immigrant Theatre and Celebration: Hope in the Face of Adversity by Yasmine Kandil

Shifting Identities in New Territories: Creating Theatre with and by Immigrants by Taiwo Afolabi, Anita Hallewas, and Kirsten Sadeghi-?Yekta

On Mobility, Resonances, and Making a Loving by Lisa Ndejuru


Theatre and (Im)migration shines a bright light on the impact that immigrant artists have made and continue to make on the development of Canadian theatre, from themes, characters, and world issues to financial structures and artistic techniques. This collection of essays demonstrates how the increased presence of immigrant theatre artists actively contributing to English and French Canadian theatre prompt their audiences to rethink fundamental concepts of nationalism and multiculturalism. Contributors include Moira Day, Alan Filewod, Aida Jordão, Ric Knowles, Natasha Martina Koechl, Rebecca Margolis, Lisa Ndejuru, Nicole Nolette, Eleanor Ty, and many more.