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8 romantic reads to get you in the mood

By Date: February 08, 2019 Tags: Lists and recommendations

Well, if you haven’t noticed, Valentine’s Day is approaching and love is in the air. Rather than rolling our eyes and saying it’s cheesy, talking about romance feels like a welcome distraction these days in the middle of Earth folding in on itself. Plus, it’s a candy holiday. So grab a bag of your favourite chocolates because this list has something for those who want to swoon or those who want to tear up a bunch of Valentines!

Gloria’s Guy by Joan Burrows
Gloria thought she was coming up to a cottage-country resort for a girls’ reunion weekend. She didn’t expect to also be reunited with the man who stood her up for prom twenty years ago!

The Invention of Romance by Conni Massing
Thirty-something singleton Kate, a museum curator, has just been tasked with creating an exhibit on the history of love. While Kate pours herself into research and finding her love life in a comical death spiral, her widowed mother reunites with an old flame, sending Kate on a whirlwind search for a happy ending.

Mary’s Wedding by Stephen Massicotte
Talk about the ultimate meet cute: Mary and Charlie meet huddling in a barn for safety during a thunderstorm, set against the uncertain fates of World War I.

You Are Happy by Rebecca Déraspe, translated by Leanna Brodie
Bridget finds her brother Jeremy attempting suicide… again. Determined to help him find some happiness, she sets out to find a potential wife, only to realize… there are couples everywhere.

Under Wraps by Robert Chafe
When Mark finds himself unexpectedly falling in love with a man, he decides to make sure that they remain just friends. But his resolve can only last so long…

How Do I Love Thee? by Florence Gibson MacDonald
Nothing says 19th century romance like Victorian poets Elizabeth Barett Browning and Robert Browning courting through letters and their subsequent tumultuous marriage!

The Romeo Initiative by Trina Davies
Half romantic comedy, half spy thriller set in 1970s Germany, based on a real program in which men were trained to determine the “perfect man.” Need I say more?

Separate Beds by MJ Cruise
Ernie and Twink are sent on a Caribbean cruise to celebrate their thirtieth anniversary. There they meet another couple who inspire a re-ignition of the spark in their marriage.

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