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bunny by hannah moscovitch

Read an excerpt from Bunny

By Date: February 14, 2019 Tags: Excerpts

In Hannah Moscovitch’s Bunny, we get an intimate look into the life of a young woman, Sorrel, from ages seventeen to thirty-seven. Between her granola upbringing and losing her virginity on prom night to having an affair with her professor and getting married to her polar opposite, it’s Sorrel’s strong friendship with Maggie that keeps her grounded. Maggie is Sorrel’s first real friend, especially since Sorrel’s late puberty turned her into the desire of all the boys and ire of the girls in her class. When Sorrel enters university, her sense of self is confused, but the arrival of Maggie in her life turns everything around.

In this scene, we see Sorrell and Maggie meet at university. 


SORREL: Like many smart small-town girls, Sorrel was primed to bloom at university, mainly because smartness went from being a semi-embarrassment to being the whole point.

We see MAGGIE.

But the trouble with Sorrel was—

MAGGIE: Sorrel?

SORREL turns and gazes at her for a moment, haunted.

Then she collects herself and turns back to the audience.

SORREL: The trouble with Sorrel was—

MAGGIE: Sorrel?

SORREL turns back to MAGGIE and gapes at her.


MAGGIE: That your name?
I liked your comment in class


MAGGIE: It made me think I should show you my work sometime
My artwork
I uh
I do Victorian needlepoint
But instead of doing
You know
Flowers and dogs 
I do women
Women at the office or naked in bed or
Standing in front of the fridge
In uh red string


You look scared

No I

MAGGIE: You a visual arts student?

I wanted to take art history but I’m not uh
I’m taking a lot of literature classes but it feels cheap because I read a lot of literature in high school
Because I was a loser
Or not a loser
I had less friends than the losers
And I thought the losers were uh
The hallway where they hung out had a smell and 

MAGGIE smiles.

Or I uh sorry I’m

SORREL goes to turn down the hallway / back to the audience.

MAGGIE: Oh you
Did you think I was being


Just now?
I wasn’t
I was thinking that
You’re charming
That’s why I was smiling
Not because I thought
I’m Maggie

SORREL: Sorrel

MAGGIE: I know

SORREL: Sorry right you
Knew my name

MAGGIE gives SORREL an odd look.

MAGGIE: Don’t be scared

As MAGGIE goes out, SORREL watches. Then she turns back to the audience.

SORREL: (to audience) Sorrel—yes—met Maggie at university. Maggie, who was . . . Maggie.


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