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Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes (20th Anniversary Edition)

A revised edition of one of the most influential plays of our time, published with a new forward by the author, and debuting in celebration of Signature Theatre Company’s Tony Kushner season.

Uncle Vanya

By Anton Chekhov
Adapted by Annie Baker

Annie Baker, one of the most celebrated playwrights in the United States, lends her truthful observation and elegant command of the colloquial to Anton Chekhov's despairing masterpiece Uncle Vanya. A ...

Halfway Bitches Go Straight to Heaven

Stephen Adly Guirgis brings his prodigious gifts for exploring the lives of social outcasts to new heights in this play about the inner workings of a women’s halfway house in New York City. In a shelter ...


Developed in workshops with award-winning actors, these are the works in Fugard's canon that most directly confront the dehumanizing brutality of apartheid. Includes: Sizwe Bansi is Dead, The Island, ...

The Designated Mourner

“The play nicely combines Pinterian menace with caustic political commentary.” –Time

“Acerbic, elusive, poetic and chilling, the writing is demanding in a rarefied manner. Its implications are ...

Speech and Debate

In this deliciously zany dark comedy, three misfit high school students form an unconventional debate club, complete with a musical version of The Crucible, an unusual podcast, and a ploy to take down ...

Prodigal Son

When a troubled but gifted boy from the South Bronx arrives at a private school in New Hampshire, two faculty members wrestle with how to help him adjust to his new environment. The boy is violent, brilliant, ...


When Sholem Asch wrote God of Vengeance in 1907, he didn’t imagine the height of controversy the play would eventually reach. Performing at first in Yiddish and German, the play’s subject matter wasn’t ...

Dividing Lines | Líneas Divisorias

The one thing everyone knows is that we’re all going to die. Which means our loved ones are going to die. So how can we prepare for, experience, and honour their deaths? And does that look different ...

Guarded Girls

By Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman
Foreword by Kim Pate
Subjects: Mental Health, Feminist Theatre, Ontario Playwrights, Women Writers
Casting: 4 f
Duration: 90 minutes

The stories and experiences of three imprisoned women and a guard intertwine in dramatic and dangerous ways, as the psychological destruction that is solitary confinement taunts each of their lives.

Nineteen-year-old ...