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two Palestinians go dogging

two Palestinians go dogging

By Sami Ibrahim
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781848428850, 128 pages, May 2022


The year is 2043, and Reem and her husband Sayeed are going to share a 'Serious Play about Palestine'. Things are tense. People are on the edge. The Fifth Intifada is right around the corner. But on a contested piece of land near their village of Beit al-Qadir, Reem and Sayeed are about to go dogging. Don't worry, you're allowed to laugh.

Sami Ibrahim's play two Palestinians go dogging uses the lens of humour to explore how the everyday becomes political and the political becomes everyday in a conflict zone.


"A devastatingly human portrait of conflict that sears itself on the mind. Sami Ibrahim's play is a startlingly bold tragicomedy and a furious call to action... as devastatingly epic as Greek tragedy... a show that comes with an enormous gut-punch, and is all that theatre should strive to be."

- Guardian

"A dose of harsh reality... This play matters and is truly memorable."

- Broadway Baby