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By Sami Ibrahim, Laura Lomas, and Sabrina Mahfouz
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781839040108, 88 pages, October 2021


From the everyday to the astonishing, and the ordinary to the miraculous, the Roman poet Ovid's stories of epic impossibilities explore the power of transformation, the resilience of humans, and the wonder of life.

The myths of Metamorphoses have inspired generations of writers, including Shakespeare. Over two thousand years later, they are reimagined for our world by three leading British playwrights, and feature anarchy, shape-shifting and a burning chariot of fire.


"A real treat... fresh and sparky... it's brilliant: haunting, surprising, stirring, shared – and a lot of fun."

- Time Out

"Gloriously fun... delves into the depths of the Greek gods' cruelties and the unfortunate humans who happened to get in their way... a gallivanting piece of storytelling... Many of the stories will be familiar, but no prior knowledge is required to enjoy it... these are eternal stories, beautifully and accessibly told."

- Guardian

"Tales that predate #MeToo by millennia, but they are still potent and they are served up delightfully."

- British Theatre Guide

"Both a subversive and educational whistlestop tour of these canonical tales... storytelling in its purest form."

- Whatsonstage