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Body Politic

Body Politic

By Nick Green
Subjects: Ontario Playwrights, History, LGBT/Queer Theatre
Casting: 1 f, 5 m
Duration: 120 minutes
Imprint: Playwrights Canada Press
Paperback : 9781770919747, 136 pages, May 2019
Expected to ship: 2019-05-21


The point is that we started the conversation.

In 1971 Phillip was on the cusp of starting something big. Something that would make history. Now he’s an aging journalist trying to make sense of Grindr. Phillip was a founding member of The Body Politic, a gay-liberation newspaper based in Toronto. As he recounts memories of censorship battles, police raids, historic rallies, the onset of HIV/AIDS, and more during an intimate encounter with a younger man, their generational differences shine a light on the massive shifts of queer identity and politics over the last fifty years.

This historical drama reimagines the events surrounding the birth, life, and death of one of the most important journalistic forces in Canada, and the opportunities it created for the future.


“For some, this will be a reminder of history; for others, an important history lesson. ” —Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine

Body Politic is by turns funny, enlightening, heartbreaking and occasionally, for seasoning, bewildering. ” —S. Bear Bergman, Mooney on Theatre