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The Fire This Time - African-American Plays for the 21st Century

The Fire This Time

African-American Plays for the 21st Century

Edited by Harry Elam, Jr., and Robert Alexander
Imprint: Theatre Communications Group
Paperback : 9781559362054, 440 pages, February 2002


This major new anthology collects new work by important artists which explore the context of African-American drama in 21st century America. The plays included are:

In the Blood by Suzan-Lori Parks

An examination of a homeless black women and her children based on The Scarlet Letter.

Civil Sex by Brian Freeman

A look at the intersections of civil rights on the life of activist Bayard Rustin.

The Dark Kalamazoo by Oni Faidi Lampley

A tale of isolation and rediscovery as a young black co-ed comes of age during a journey to Africa.

Jitney by August Wilson

The lives of Jitney cab drivers at a 1977 Pittsburgh cab station.

Insurrection: Holding History by Robert O'Hara

The lives of a young gay college student and his 189-year-old great-great-grandfather are transported back to the time of the Nat Turner slave rebellion.

Crumbs from the Table of Joy by Lynn Nottage

An interracial romance threatens to divide a black family set during the Harlem Renaissance.

A Preface to the Alien Garden by Robert Alexander

A study of the gangsta life style in present day Kansas City.

A Rhyme Deferred by Kamilah Forbes and Hop Hop Theatre Junction

An Afro-centric update of the Cain and Abel story.

Slanguage by Stephen Sapp and Universes

Rhyme, roots, rhythm and storytelling to a hip hop beat.


Harry Elam, Jr. is the Director of Graduate Studies for Drama at Stanford University. He has directed numerous plays, including works of August Wilson, who is the subject of his forthcoming book.


Robert Alexander is the author of I Ain't Yo' Uncle, Servant of the People and The Last Orbit of Billy Mars. Mr. Alexander is currently in residence at D. C.'s Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company.