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So You Want To Go To Drama School?

So You Want To Go To Drama School?

By Helen Freeman
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781848420168, 150 pages, April 2011


The essential guide to getting into drama school.

Packed with sound advice and essential information for young people who want to train as actors and performers (including musical theatre), this clear and honest guide is written by a teacher and audition panellist with a lifetime’s experience of the audition process. It will help all aspiring actors develop the self-confidence, motivation and skills required to get into the drama school of their choice.

Topics include:

• Researching and selecting the appropriate drama school
• Making yourself the best prepared candidate
• Choosing and preparing your speeches and songs
• Developing your working process and your self-awareness
• Coping with the audition day itself
• Considering your next steps if you do (or don’t) get in.

Also includes suggestions of speeches and songs to look at (as well as those you should avoid), information about the major UK drama schools, how to obtain funding, suggested further reading, and an introduction to the theatrical terms and genres that every prospective student should know.


"full of useful information... there's not a page in this book that doesn't contain something useful and important"


"provides precisely the information and advice aspirant actors need... if you are a potential drama student, or the parent of one, buy this book"

- The Stage