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By Katie Redford
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781839040771, 96 pages, April 2022


Gavi wants to inspire his community. Which is tricky when everyone wants to just stay at home and watch Bake Off. But, determined to succeed, he starts hosting amateur motivational meetings from his garage.

With the help of daily mantras, goal-setting and repeatedly listening to Spandau Ballet, he believes he can change lives for the better. However, when the only attendees are his two colleagues from the Co-op – bickering mother and daughter Dawn and Jen – it's not quite the enlightening experience they were all hoping for.

Katie Redford's play Tapped is a witty and sensitive portrayal of managing mental health within a family, highlighting the barriers we put up in order to put on a brave face. 


"A play with a sweet, romantic centre... raises urgent questions about mental health... the characters tug at our heartstrings."

- Guardian

"A likeable big-hearted new seriocomedy."

- The Times

"Heartwarming... an astute comedy about mental health and the things we do to cope."

- The Stage