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So You Want To Work In Theatre?

So You Want To Work In Theatre?

By Susan Elkin
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781848422742, 192 pages, August 2013


Many young people are eager to experience the excitement and allure of working in theatre, but often this only goes as far as imagining themselves as actors, on stage in front of an audience every night. In reality, there are more jobs off the stage than on it. They can be every bit as rewarding as acting - and certainly more secure because there are invariably fewer people competing for each one. Using her expertise as Education and Training Editor for The Stage, Susan Elkin encourages aspiring theatre-makers and workers to look beyond acting to some of the other behind-the-scenes options available: playwriting, directing, producing, designing, stage management, administration, publicity, front-of-house, stage door. .. *She describes what each job entails and how you might achieve that role, including relevant courses and training opportunities offered in the UK. There are also numerous case studies of theatre professionals describing how they got where they are, and top tips for following in their footsteps. Written in a clear, no-nonsense style, this book is an ideal starting point for students considering a career in theatre, but also a useful tool for parents, teachers and career-advisers looking to learn more about the options open to interested young people. * And, for those of you who really must, the book does cover how to get into acting too.


'I wish this had been published when I was at school. '- Teaching Drama Magazine

'A refreshingly candid account of careers in theatre arts that should prove attractive to any reader who is theatrically oriented. .. a great source of information and encouragement. .. Elkin's book is a beacon of hope given its roots in reality and sense. '- Drama Magazine