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Sotto Voce

Sotto Voce

By Nilo Cruz
Imprint: Theatre Communications Group
Paperback : 9781559365062, 96 pages, June 2016


The millennium, New York City. Bemadette Kahn, an eighty-year-old German-born writer, spends her days in her apartment, trying to forget the past. Until Saquiel Rafaeli, a young Jewish-Cuban researcher, appears on her doorstep, forcing her to confront those haunted memories. He’s eager to learn about Bemadette’s long-lost lover, Ariel Strauss, who set sail in 1939 aboard the St. Louis, never to be seen again


“Exquisite, dreamlike… The poetry of Cruz’s writing is what those who love his work cite most often about his style, and Sotto Voce has that… It also contains passages that are realistic, whimsical, sensual and heartbreaking. Cruz may be that rarity, a poet of the stage, but he is first and foremost a dramatist. ” —Christine Dolen, Miami Herald