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Night Is a Room

Night Is a Room

By Naomi Wallace
Imprint: Theatre Communications Group
Paperback : 9781559365185, 96 pages, January 2017


Lauded for her topical, searing explorations of the pressing issues that affect humanity, Naomi Wallace’s new play Night Is a Room tackles the timeless subject of love and relationships. This story of a seemingly ideal married couple is torn apart when the husband’s previously unknown birth mother makes a surprise visit for his fortieth birthday. Night Is a Room examines the intimate challenges love can create, romantic or otherwise.


“Primal and tragic. .. Night Is a Room faintly recalls Albee and Pinter’s cryptic, psychosexual puzzles. .. Desire, genetic destiny and the destructive force of love are the topics here, ones that transcend class. ” —Time Out New York

“Written with a kind of ecstatic lyricism, Night Is a Room also demolishes a sexual taboo. ” —Variety