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Jennie's Story & Under the Skin

Jennie's Story & Under the Skin

By Betty Lambert
Introduction by Pamela Hawthorn
Subjects: Rural Settings, Community Theatre Picks, Canadian Classics, History
Casting: 2 f, 1 m | 3 f, 2 m
Imprint: Playwrights Canada Press
Paperback : 9780887544620, 194 pages, November 1987


  • Winner, Chalmers Canadian Play Award 1983


Winner of the 1983 Chalmers Canadian Play Award, Jennie's Story is set in the late 1930s on the Canadian prairies. It concerns the Sexual Sterilization Act that was enacted in 1928, allowing a sterilization procedure to be performed without consent on individuals that were deemed to be unfit or mentally challenged. Jennie McGrane takes the title role, and her discovery of what the priest Father Fabrizeau has done to her is the central drama of the play. Believing she had an appendectomy when she was a teenager, the truth is revealed when she's unable to conceive. In Under the Skin, Emma, the twelve-year-old daughter of Maggie Benton, has disappeared. John and Renee Gifford, Maggie's neighbours and friends, attempt to console her, but their own ominous behaviour makes this a cold comfort.