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Is God Is / What to Send Up When It Goes Down

Is God Is / What to Send Up When It Goes Down

By Aleshea Harris
Imprint: Theatre Communications Group
Paperback : 9781559369633, 161 pages, April 2022


An explosive epic that examines the cyclical nature of violence, Is God Is follows twin sisters who undertake a dangerous journey to exact revenge upon their father at the behest of their dying mother.

What to Send Up When It Goes Down is a play-pageant-ritual response to anti-Blackness in America. It is a challenge to us all: to heal through expression, expulsion, and movement.


“Furious and incandescent… Harris writes so blisteringly that the actors could just let the language’s flames carry them along.”

- Helen Shaw

“Aleshea Harris turns theater into a monument, ephemeral but real, to ongoing pain. You can’t tear down a statue that never shows up outside.”

- Vinson Cunningham