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Dreary and Izzy

Dreary and Izzy

By Tara Beagan
Subjects: Indigenous Playwrights, First Nations, Western Playwrights, Alberta, Theatre for Young Audiences, By Age — 15–18, Women Writers, Family Life, Siblings
Casting: 3 f, 1 m
Imprint: Playwrights Canada Press
Paperback : 9780887546129, 106 pages, July 2007
Ebook (PDF) : 9780369102812, 250 pages, July 2007
Ebook (EPUB) : 9780369102829, 250 pages, July 2007


1975, Lethbridge Alberta. When the Monoghan sisters lose their parents in a car accident, Deirdre remains as the sole caregiver to her older sister, Isabelle. Just as Deirdre is poised to enter university and begin exploring, for the first time, her own future and independence, she must choose how much of her own life she will sacrifice for the love of Isabelle. Deirdre is barely staying afloat under the strain of this reality when hope arrives in the form of gorgeous vacuum cleaner salesman Freddie Seven Horses. Both sisters find in Freddie a new world of unexplored emotions and ideas, where Freddie is a port in a storm.


"A droll and engaging story… the second act is completely unpredictable. Dreary and Izzy is a thought-provoking exploration of family dynamics, sexuality and faith. By the end of the play, the laughter had been replaced by tears."

- Ashante Infantry, Toronto Star

"If you want to see how a gifted playwright stages strong emotions, you can find no better example than Dreary and Izzy, Tara Beagan's heartfelt look at a family affected by fetal alcohol damage."

- Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine