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By Deirdre Kinahan
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781848421523, 144 pages, June 2011


An explosive drama about how one terrible moment can change lives irrevocably.

On a seemingly ordinary evening an Irish family sit down to tea. The difference tonight is that Nial is home – back from prison having committed a dark crime many years earlier with some news to share and a conscience to clear.

Fast, witty and frighteningly real, Moment takes you on journey through trauma wrapped up in tablecloths and teacake.

Deirdre Kinahan's play was first performed at the Solstice Arts Centre, Co. Meath, Ireland, in November 2009. The production transferred to the Bush Theatre, London, in February 2011.


"The whole play comes over like a shattering Greek tragedy, served up with cups of tea and slices of quiche."

- Telegraph

"Moment is both a merciless excavation of a trauma and an enthralling, often disturbing account of how families can suffocate as well as nurture. It's a terrific piece of new writing."

- Arts Desk

"Simply a great piece of writing, a beautifully wrought drama that pitches from affable family farce to agonised domestic tragedy with liquid cruelty."

- Time Out