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As the Beast Sleeps

As the Beast Sleeps

By Gary Mitchell
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781854596512, 96 pages, September 2001


Kyle is loyal to his wife, his best mate and his boss in the Ulster Defence Union – and they love him as a husband, a brother and a son – but, with changing times and the emerging peace process, Kyle finds himself lost in the shadows of transition, uncertainty, and betrayal. In a world turned upside down, peace and brutality walk side-by-side, while love and loyalty are sacrificed to the new order.

Gary Mitchell's play As the Beast Sleeps was first performed at the Peacock Theatre, Dublin, in 1998.


"The theatrical impact left me shaking. It's a terrific night of excitement and yes there are lots of laughs as well."

- Irish World

"Few playwrights are better at scrutinising the intertwining of ideology and thuggery than Gary Mitchell."

- Observer

"His writing has the blazing conviction of lived experience combined with a highly welcome relish for strong plots."

- Daily Telegraph

"Exudes all the tension of a Hollywood thriller... thought provoking, disturbing but hugely entertaing and wildly funny... a must see."

- Irish News