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Gary - A Sequel to Titus Andronicus


A Sequel to Titus Andronicus

By Taylor Mac
Imprint: Theatre Communications Group
Paperback : 9781559369824, 96 pages, February 2022


In Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus, Taylor Mac’s singular worldview intersects with William Shakespeare’s first tragedy, Titus Andronicus. Set during the fall of the Roman Empire, Mac’s extraordinary play picks up where Shakespeare’s blood-soaked tale left off: the coup has ended, the country has been stolen by madmen, and there are casualties everywhere. Two lowly servants, Gary and Janice, are charged with cleaning up the bodies. It’s the year 400—but it feels like the end of the world.


“Much of Gary is an outrageous mix of the grotesque and the absurd, designed to make audiences gape… If staging Gary on Broadway is in some sense a folly, it’s the kind we could use a lot more of.”

- Time Out New York

“Expect plenty of fart jokes and penis wagging and doubles entendre interlaced with the sweet humanity and higher-toned political satire… There’s no shortage of art and craft in this offbeat show.”

- Variety

"The iconoclastic vision, the captivating balance of highbrow and low, the undercurrent of compassion for a rarely deserving species – all stay true and really rather glorious."

- Deadline

"A raucous comedy whose subject is tragedy...which Mac engages with gloriously raunchy humor and blazing intuition, and an aching tenderness that sneaks up on you and wraps itself around your heart."

- New York Stage Review

“Taylor Mac has the smarts to take on the big themes and find credible and incredible arguments in each… The language of Gary is marked by the play’s high style, by its pathos and its rhythm… Mac’s ability to elevate doggerel to verse is no small thing: it is the work of a real writer expressing depths in a popular form.”

- New Yorker

"A philosophical vaudeville depicting the savagery of elites, the pettiness of proles, the foolishness of dreamers… Soon, the battle lines are drawn between those, of whatever class, who would try to save the world but fail — the comedians, that is — and those who won’t try at all: the tragedians."

- New York Times

"Delectably raunchy and macabre."

- Vanity Fair

"Mac’s comedy, among other things, is a bruised valentine to the awesome yet limited power of the theater."

- The Wrap

Gary is a farce, a piece of messy circus… There is nothing like it on Broadway, and that is to be welcomed. It is an argument for art, and a passionate call for resistance.”

- Daily Beast

“No one knows how to create a beautiful mess quite like creative genius Taylor Mac, who doesn’t disappoint with this weird, sexy, uncomfortable romp through Titus’s bloody banquet room… This sort of wacky, wonderful production isn’t typically presented to mainstream audiences, but I’m so thrilled the world has flipped enough to let it be so. It’s the reason live theater persists: to imagine and confront the realities of life, and death, that we typically avoid at all costs.”

- Rolling Stone

“A vigorous mash-up of high- and lowbrow… Gary’s got heart and brains and guts (many, many guts)."

- Vulture