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2:22 - A Ghost Story

2:22 - A Ghost Story

By Danny Robins
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781839040283, 104 pages, August 2021


Jenny and Sam – and their baby Phoebe – have recently moved into their new home. But something feels frightening and wrong. Very wrong. Over the baby monitor, at 2:22 every night, Jenny hears footsteps around her daughter's cot. Could the house be haunted?

When their friends Lauren and Ben come round for a housewarming dinner, they drink wine, relive their pasts, and argue about the existence of ghosts. They decide to stay up until 2:22, to discover the truth. Over one adrenaline-filled night – as the foxes scream outside – secrets will emerge and ghosts may appear…


"A cracking dinner party play, alive with wit and tension... the extremely cleverly worked supernatural angle keeps things fresh... a rare and precious example of a Good West End Ghost Play... [it] really does deliver."

- Time Out

"[A] clever, remorselessly effective supernatural thriller... I kicked myself that I didn't see the final twist coming, but it's brilliantly done. This is a superior, knowing piece of genre drama... A great, spine-tingling night out."

- Evening Standard

"A contemporary haunted-house chiller that smartly plays with all the old tropes and leaves the room electric with fear."

- Guardian

"The mounting sense of dread is relentless... Robins – the creator of hit podcast The Battersea Poltergeist – is well-versed in what makes scary stories scary, and uses that to brilliant effect here."

- Independent